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Airflo Outlander Mesh Fishing Vest

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  • Airflo Outlander Mesh Fishing Vest
  • Airflo Outlander Mesh Fishing Vest
  • Airflo Outlander Mesh Fishing Vest
  • Airflo Outlander Mesh Fishing Vest
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Airflo Outlander Mesh Fishing Vest. This is an absolutely brilliant piece of beautifully made, lightweight kit that’ll keep you out in the flow for hours on end. With general purpose pocketing and customized compartments, the Airflo Mesh Vest is a mini tackle store that keeps you supplied with everything you need for hours of uninterrupted fishing. Change of fly? There’s a semi-rigid, 10-row fly-server on your chest! Scissors? Forceps? Clippers? Flotant? You name it – they’ll fit comfortably in either of the top-pockets or mesh retainers that adorn this superb item of fishing apparel. How about a snack and a drink? There are 4 zipped long-pockets around the lower hem that will accommodate small bottles, sandwiches and confectionery. Mesh-backed and with padded shoulder-straps the Airflo Mesh Vest remains cool and comfortable to wear all day long.


  • A pocket for every situation
  • Large and medium vertical pockets
  • Horizontal pockets
  • Vertical zip down fly trays
  • Mesh pockets
  • Double front D rings and back D ring
  • Straps and leashes to attach your gadgets
  • Adjustable one size fits all system
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