Berkley B11 Polarized Sunglasses - Yellow Lenses

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Berkley B11 Polarized Sunglasses - Yellow Lenses. The Berkley sunglasses are available in 5 unique colors, so there is always a suitable model that fits your needs. All models are equipped with high quality polarized lenses, protecting your eyes against harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays. As well, the lenses are reducing light reflection, allowing you to see in the water and spot the fish even before they can see you! The yellow and copper lenses are perfectly suitable for low light conditions while the gray lenses are more suitable for sunny conditions. To make sure you can enjoy your glasses for a long time, all lenses and frames are made of impact resistant material.


- Reduces light reflection
- Protection against UV and infrared rays
- Impact resistant lenses and frames
- Yellow lenses are ideal for cloudy environment

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