Ginger Quill CDC Emerger

Ginger Quill CDC Emerger

Ginger Quill CDC Emerger fly is tied on stronger hook, Hanak H330BL size 14. Wing / wing case is made of two CDC feathers which will keep the fly in the water film. Body is made of hand stripped ginger peacock quill and covered with Loon UV Flow Gel. Glo Brite hot orange as a tip and gold twisted tinsel as an attractor.

Material list (click cart button to shop / inspect):

- hook - Hanak H330BL 
- wing - dark olive CDC feathers 
- wing case - dark olive CDC, hare & squirrel dubbing mix 
- body - hand stripped ginger peacock quill 
- tail - CDL fibers 
- butt - hot orange Glo Brite Floss 
- finish - Loon Flow UV gel 

Tools list (click cart button to see respective category):

- vise
- bobbin holder
- dubbing needle
- dubbing twister
- whip finisher
- UV light

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4th Dec 2018 FS Europe

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