Late October Caddis

Late October Caddis

Caddis dry fly pattern ideal for late October, but also fished all year round. Combination of seal dubbing, CDC and deer hair makes it float perfectly. Good to fish in the riffles thanks to a good visibility and buoyancy. This fly is tied on stronger hook (Hanak H230BL) as the fly is aimed to fish for trophy trout (hopefully will attach some pics of fish as well later :).

Material list (click cart button to shop / inspect):

- hook - Hanak 230BL size 14 

- thread - UTC 70 denier red 

- dubbing body - fiery brown natural seal dubbing 

- dubbing thorax - rusty squirrel dubbing 

- tail - Uni Neon floss, chinese red 

- underwing - 2 dark CDC feathers 

- upperwing - rusty deer hair 

- varnish - Veniard Cellire Thin 

Tools list (click cart button to see respective category):

- vise 

- bobbin holder 

- dubbing needle 

- hair stacker 

- dubbing twister 

- whip finisher 

You can also buy the fly here 

Many thanks for looking!

30th Oct 2018 FS Europe

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