Light Brown Freshwater Gammarus

Light Brown Freshwater Gammarus

Light brown Gammarus Shrimp tied on Maruto C47BL. Great fly, works well especially in smaller sizes on graylings.

Material list (click cart button to shop / inspect):

- hook - Maruto C47 size 16 
- underbody - flat fine lead wire from Veniard 
- body part1 - Hends 3mm body stretch 
- body part2 - Hends ginger hare plus dubbing 
- ribbing - Hends copper wire 0.18mm 
- thread1 - Hends twist black 
- thread2 - Black 30D nanosilk from Semperfli 
- tail - partridge hackle  

Few more pics:

You can also buy the fly here 

Thanks for looking!

15th Oct 2018 FS Europe

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