Sunny Jig Nymph

Sunny Jig Nymph

Black pheasant jig nymph fly pattern with a gold sunny tungsten slotted bead and coloured tag end. Two option: 1) orange tag, 2) red tag.

Material list (click cart button to shop / inspect):

- hook - Hanak Competition 450BL 
- thread - black twist 
- bead - sunny gold slotted tungsten 3mm 
- tag end - Uni Neon floss orange & red 
- body - pheasant tail black 
- ribbing - fine gold wire & coloured thread 
- thorax - grey CDC, black spectra dubbing 
- varnish - thin Cellire layer under pheasant tail fibres 

Tools list (click cart button to see respective category):

- vise 
- bobbin holder 
- dubbing needle 
- whip finisher 
- dubbing twister 

Close ups:

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Many thanks for looking!

4th Nov 2018 FS Europe

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