Zonker Grey Variant

Zonker Grey Variant

Zonkers are great streamer patterns that create a lot of movement in water and can imitate many small fish or worms. Featured Zonker variant is tied on Hanak streamer hook H970BL, size 8, aimed to be fished on medium rivers. Fish mask is added at the end. Secured with UV resin and few wraps of thread in front.

Main ingredients used (available to purchase if you click cart button):

- hook - Hanak H970BL, size 8 
- hot spot - Veniard hot orange marabou 
- tail / wing - Hends superfine rabbit dark zonker strip 
- body - natural grey SLF squirrel dubbing 
- body1 - Semperfli ice dubbing - copper 
- head - transparent 4mm fish mask 
- eyes - 3d realistic 4mm eyes 
- finish - UV thick resin from Loon 
- body thread - Hends twist tan 
- main thread - Nano Silk, white 

Tools list (click cart button to see respective category):

- vise
- bobbin holder
- dubbing needle
- dubbing twister
- whip finisher
- UV light

Few more pics:

Thanks for looking!

16th Dec 2018 FS Europe

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