Neon Pink Tag, K310BL

Neon Pink Tag, K310BL

Neon Pink Tag Nymph. Great year round jig nymph fly pattern. Light hare's ear slim body, neon pink tail and spectra dubbing for thorax. Works on trout, chub and grayling. Tied on premium jig barbless fishing hooks.

List of material (incl. links to shop):

Hook: K310BL size 18, Kype
Bead: Tungsten plus silver, 3 mm, FS Europe
Body: light hare's ear dubbing, Wapsi
Ribbing: silver fine wire 0.1 mm, Sybai
Tail: pink neon flash, or glo brite 2
Collar: natural CDC + microflash, Hends
Thread: 12/0 thread light cahill colour, Veevus

We have this fly in stock as well, you can find it HERE.

neon pink tag nymph

26th May 2022 FS Europe

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