River Vah C&R, August 2022

River Vah C&R, August 2022

We have been fishing the C&R section of river Vah (Slovakia, Besenova) over the weekend. Friday was exceptional, gammarus style nymphs were working pretty well, mainly in the morning hours. Evening was dry fly only, with a massive caddis hatch just before sunset (you get only 1/2 hour chance, but it is worth it :). Saturday was slower, we caught a few, fishing was interrupted by rain / storm.

We fished mostly 5X (0.14 mm) Tiemco Akron and 6X (0.12 mm) Stroft FC1 fluorocarbon while nymphing and similar 5-6X diameter of Trouthunter Evo nylon for dry fly.

Fish responded well to the gammarus / scud nymph fly patterns such as pale olivebrown olive and hot spot brown. You can find all of the gammarus patterns here.

As for the dry flies, sedges size 14 - 16 in olive colour worked the best. All sedge / caddis patterns can be found here.

We tie our flies almost exclusively on KYPE barbless hooks. Ideal dry fly hook for larger trout (most of the trout on Vah C&R section is above 50 cm) is model K200BL. For scuds it is classic K620BL and for jig nymphs it is K310BL with a wider gape and forged shank.

And a few pictures from our trip....

Pic1: Nice rainbow caught on brown olive scud, size 16

Pic2: Massive evening caddis hatch

Pic3: This rainbow suprised me, caught in a knee deep water

Pic4: Finally in the net!

Pic5: Observing dry fly food

Pic6: This one took heavy peeping caddis nymph, size 14, 4 mm bead

Pic7: Beautiful rainbow caught in the middle of the day

Pic8: Nice brown took small size 18 perdigon nymph

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10th Aug 2022 Tomas

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