Gunki Tipsy SXL ITB 76 Soft Bait 7.6cm (3in)

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  • Gunki Tipsy SXL ITB 76 Soft Bait 7.6cm 3in
  • Gunki Tipsy SXL ITB 76 Soft Bait 7.6cm 3in
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Gunki Tipsy SXL ITB 76 Soft Bait 7.6cm (3in). The TIPSY SXL has a nervous yet lively swimming action that is particularly suited to straight retrieves. The body is wider than it is high which keeps the lure stable and gives it a gliding movement when fished with light jig heads. The whole body starts vibrating on stronger retrieves and the large tail gives chasing predators a great visual target. The skeletal body reduces the material used in the lure and gives incredible dynamism to jerks and twitches. The skeletal design also makes the surface of the bait feel softer and this can confuse wary predators who will hang on to this lure a bit longer before spiting it out. Hopefully long enough for you to strike! Flavoured with aniseed.


- 7.6 cm / 3 inch long
- 3.8 gram
- 1 pc per package

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