Hends 164BL Barbless Fly Hooks (25pcs/package)

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  • Hends 164BL Barbless Fly Hooks 25pcs/package
  • Hends 164BL Barbless Fly Hooks 25pcs/package


Hends 164BL Barbless Fly Hooks. New hook model introduced by Hends in 2021. These great hooks from Hends have a completely redesigned hook bend and in-curved point, the long taper on the hooks point and very sharp points coupled with an up and in curve enables hooking and holding that surpasses barbed hooks.  The eye is in the horizontal plane unlike many hooks that have vertically aligned eyes, something that has been used to exclude jig hooks from some competitions. These hooks are great when coupled with slotted beads, the centre of mass is shifted so the hooks swim point up to reduce snagging.


- black nickel
- barbless long chemically sharpened tip
- standard wire
- 25 pcs / package

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