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Hends 454BL Barbless Fly Hooks (25pcs/package)

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  • Hends 454BL Barbless Fly Hooks (25pcs/package)
  • Hends 454BL Barbless Fly Hooks (25pcs/package)


Barbless Hends 454BL hook has the same shape as Hends 404BL. The difference between these hooks is that the 454BL model has approximately 20% stronger wire which makes it also suitable for wet flies. Stronger wire is a vital feature also when you're targeting for big fishes. It is also good for deer hair dry file patterns.

The hook has a chemically sharpened bent-in-point and black nickel finish.


- black nickel colour
- standard wire
- barbless tip
- 25 pcs / package


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