JMC Attractail Wiggle Tail - Pearl

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JMC Attractail Wiggle Tail - Pearl. Wiggle Tails are simply awesome! They consist of a thin but yet totally tear proof and very durable coated textile canvas which comes in great colours and even holographic prints on it. You won’t cast a mile with an attached tail and they make some noise cutting through the air, but it is all worth it when you see how they perform in the water and how they will increase your hookups. You can fish them with a weighted fly to achieve a jigging effect, though we found out that they perform really great by slowly and constantly retrieving them. The depth of the fly can be set by different sinking rates of leaders and lines.

- wiggle tail comes with a micro snap for easy installation / change 
- 1 tail per package. Approx. 6cm diameter.

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