Kamasan B110 Grubber Fly Hooks Barbed (25pcs/package)

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Kamasan B110 Grubber Fly Hooks Barbed. Forged for extra strength the B110 Grubber hook has a 1X Short shank with a special loop bend which gives a life like shape to your shrimp, grub or scud flies when tied "round the bend". Same shape and characteristics of the B100 Grub however the B110 Grubber has been manufactured in a heavier gage and much stronger forged wire. Kamasan have chemically sharpened needle point high carbon hooks, this and the strength of the metal have enabled Kamasan to be well respected all around the word.


- Down eye
- 1X short shank
- Forged bend
- Heavy wire
- Bronzed

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