Knapek Fly Hooks G Gammarus (26pcs/package)

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Knapek Fly Hooks G Gammarus. Knapek hooks are used by competition fly fishermen. Knapek fly hooks are well known for their wide gape, extraordinarily long spear point, and stealthy black finish. All hooks presented here are made of certificated high-carbon steel, the bend of hooks is forged, surface treatment - Black. Basic characterisation of Knapek´s barbless hooks: reversed sticky sharp - eagle claw - point, mechanically and chemically sharpened.


Code: J - jig fly hooks, G - gammarus/czech nymph fly hooks, L - lake fly hooks, N - nymph fly hooks, D - dry fly hooks, T - terrestrial fly hooks, P - pupa fly hooks
Package: 25 + 1 extra hook
Eye: Slightly down, Ringed
Material: High-carbon steel, mechanically and chemically sharpened
Finish: Black

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