Kype K320BL Tactical Jig Nymph Fly Hooks (25pcs/package)

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Kype K320BL Tactical Jig Nymph Fly Hooks. Tactical jig nymph hooks, in smaller sizes perfect for grayling due to smaller gape. Ultra sharp, standard shank, with extra long needle point for better hook-up rates. Special shape allows the use of bigger slotted tungsten beads.

As any jig hook this one is great if your nymph should be presented near the river bottom. The eye is bend 60 degrees so that your fly rides 'upside-down' in combination with slotted tungsten beads. As a result, your nymph gets stuck much less. 

Kype fly hooks are made of high carbon steel. Designed by professional anglers and guides in Europe. 


- medium wire
- 60 degree eye bend
- standard shank
- black nickel finish
- extra long needle point
- barbless, chemically sharpened
- 25 hooks / package

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