Kype K710BR Standard Streamer Fly Hooks - Barbed (20-25pcs/package)

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Kype K710BR Standard Streamer Fly Hooks - Barbed (20-25pcs/package). K710BR is a perfect all round barbed streamer fly hook, best for single hook or articulated trout and bass streamer fly patterns. Strong wire, ideal deep hook gape and long micro barbed point greatly improves hook-up rates.

All KYPE fly hooks are made of high carbon steel. Chemically sharpened. Designed by avid anglers in Europe. Produced using the most advanced technology in the industry.


- strong wire
- straight eye
- ideal deep hook gape
- black nickel finish
- long micro barbed point
- barbed, chemically sharpened
- 20 - 25 hooks / package
- made in Japan

Available sizes / qty per package: 

- size 4, 6 (20 hooks per pack)
- size 8, 10, 12 (25 hooks per package)

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