Scientific Anglers Heritage Ultra Presentation WF Floating Fly Line

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Built off of designs made popular decades ago, the Heritage Ultra Presentation fly line hearkens back to the days before flat-brimmed baseball caps, before Robert Redford’s movie, and before some of us at Scientific Anglers were even born. Ideally suited for fiberglass, bamboo, and modern graphite rods, the Heritage Ultra is a true presentation trout fly line. Perfectly at home on small streams and spring creeks, it can be the difference between a fish and a refusal.

Main features:

- built from a classic Scientific Anglers taper with a vintage color to celebrate our 70th anniversary 
- designed to work well with fiberglass, bamboo, and modern graphite fly rods 
- ideal for smaller trout flies and delicate presentations 
- for use in moderate climates 
- braided multifilament core

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