Must Have Caddis Dropper

Must Have Caddis Dropper

A very productive dropper fly for caddis hatch. In stock tied in size 14 & 16, tied on model K200BL. Shop code FSE470.

The Caddis Pupa is a popular fly pattern used by anglers to imitate the emerging stage of caddisflies, which are a common insect found in streams and rivers. The pattern is typically tied with a slender, tapered body made of various materials such as fur, dubbing, or synthetic fibers. 

The body may be ribbed with thin wire or tinsel to add texture and segmentation. The head of the fly is usually a bead or a cone-shaped piece of metal, which helps to weight the fly and provide a realistic profile. The wings of the Caddis Pupa are typically made of soft hackle feathers, which create a pulsing motion in the water that mimics the natural movement of a caddisfly. Caddis Pupa fly patterns come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, depending on the species of caddisfly being imitated and the conditions in which the fly will be fished. 

Some popular colors include brown, olive, tan, and black. Overall, the Caddis Pupa fly pattern is an effective choice for fly fishing in many different types of water, and is particularly useful during the emergence of caddisflies in the spring and summer months.

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6th Mar 2023 fseurope

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