Top Picks For Autumn

Top Picks For Autumn

A selection of our favourite fly patterns for targeting trout / grayling in September. One for each category. Flies and fly tying material (which you can find listed below) are available in our shop.

Micro Red Tag FSE336 (jig nymph)

Hook: K300BL size 16 - 20, Kype
Bead: silver tungsten plus, 2.5 - 4.0 mm, FS Europe
Body: black thread, covered with UV Flow resin, Loon
Ribbing: silver fine wire, Sybai
Tail: medium coq de leon, FS Europe
Tag: red holographic tinsel such as red/green 2-tone, Uni
Thorax: natural CDC & grey squirrel dubbing, FS Europe

Gold Black Favourite FSE421 (wet fly)

Hook: K200BL size 12 - 16, Kype
Body: peacock herl, Veniard; gold flat tinsel, Uni
Ribbing: nano silk / GSP, Veevus
Hackle: natural brown indian hen, Veniard

Lightweight Zonker FSE369 (streamer pattern)

Hook: BL724 size 4 - 8 or similar, Hends
Tail: pine squirrel zonker strip 2.5 mm, FS Europe
Body: grey hare dubbing, FS Europe
Ribbing: heavy copper wire, Hends
Flash: silver krystal flash, Hends
Thorax: beige rabbit / hare fur

Hot Spot Olive Emerger FSE384 (emerger fly)

Hook: K620BL size 16 - 20, Kype
Body: bodyquill olive / orange, Veevus
Ribbing: same as body
Thorax: grey squirrel dubbing & partridge, FS Europe
Wing: grey CDC feathers, FS Europe

Upright Wing Dun FSE419 (dry fly)

Hook: K200BL size 18 - 20, Kype
Body: light olive / hot orange thread, Veevus
Ribbing: same thread as for the body
Wing: grey CDC feathers, FS Europe
Tail: medium coq de leon, FS Europe

18th Sep 2022 FS Europe

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