Tiemco TMC 413J Fly Hooks Barbed (20pcs/package)

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Tiemco TMC 413J Fly Hooks Barbed (20pcs/package). Tiemco 413J is a modern jig hook that is just perfect if you want to present your nymph near the river bottom. The eye is bend 60 degrees so that your fly rides 'upside-down' in combination with slotted tungsten beads. Thus there is a lower chance that you fly will get hooked to the bottom. The hook shank is a bit longer than the 403 BLJ which is also used for a lot of patterns. The hook is fitted with a small fine barb.

  • eye is bend 60 degrees
  • medium wire
  • small fine barb
  • bronze finish
  • 20 pcs / package
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