Trout Nets

Trout Nets

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    Airflo Streamtec Fly Net

    Airflo Streamtec Landing Net. Designed specifically for the trout-stream fisherman the Airflo Streamtec Pan Net is light, handy and of the correct depth; furthermore its mesh creates little resistance in the flow. Furnished with a rubber grip and...
  • Airflo Trout Folding Net
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    Airflo Trout Folding Net

    Airflo Trout Folding Net. High quality rigid bow frame landing net, that is perfect for bank fishing on your favourite lake. An easily extendable handle and self locking head will have you ready for action with a quick flick. Comes with a deep...
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    Hanak Competition

    Hanak Wave 45 Landing Net

    Extra light a durable aluminium landing nets. Special shape helps to land a fish. 45 cm diameter. Weight of 167 grams.
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    FS Europe

    Pro Trout Net

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    Pro Trout Net has an aluminium frame and handle covered with EVA foam for better grip. Inside the handle you can find elastic string which swivel at the end so it can be attach directly to your belt. It's convenient and no need to additional string...