Tubeology Tube Fly Tying Vise Adapter

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Tubeology Tube Fly Tying Vise Adapter. Any Fly Tyer knows that once you turn to metal tubes with or without lining – you run into all kinds of trouble. Normally bare tubes are very unforgiving when it comes to grip,  there simply is no grip! Quite often the only way to hold a metal tube is sheer force. However the Tubeology system is designed for fly tyers. With its collar designed  at the front to stop your thread from slipping off the head and to angle your wings. The Tubeology Vice Clamp caters for the keys requirements for metal Tube Fly tying:

  • The vice clamp makes sure the tube does not rotate.
  • The vice clamp is sturdy with the ability to hold the tube without wobble in your vice. This enables you to pull on the tying thread without everything giving.

The Tubeology Tube Vice Clamp allows you to add on the hook retainer to help you tie the correct length hairwing and materials to your fly.

Hint: When tying a whip finish as the head is clamped in the vice you MUST form a large loop with your fingers and slip this over the fly to tie off.
Hint: Always tie in a clockwise direction, this ensures that the tube does not turn once tightened in the clamp. 


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