Tvrdek Rotary Tube Vise

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Tvrdek Rotary Tube Vise. Fly Tying Tube Vise of the highest quality. Stainless steel, smooth rotation, excellent hook holding and heavy base. Rotary vice manufactured for tying tube flies with 360° hook rotation. Tube is held in place by being clasped by an eyelet. To assure its hold, is a spring with a reverse wind.The rotation is very smooth and the head of the vise is easily adjusted. All the knurled screws are made of stainless steels and adjusting them is quick and simple. Adjustable brake on the rotary arm helps the tier to tie very complicated flies.


- Vise is manufactured from polished stainless steel and aluminium
- Rotary arm contains ball bearings
- Stability of the vise is guaranteed by the use of 2 kg disc
- The eyelet holds various sized tubes 

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