Whiting Genetic Hen 4B Black

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Whiting Genetic Hen 4B Black. The Whiting Farms 4B Hen Capes are super value genetic hen neck capes for tying a huge amount of flies and the 4B stands for “bigger, better, bargain, birds”. The feathers and fibres on these capes are ideally suited for tying trout wet flies, in particular nymphs. The soft barbs make good head hackle on spider and cruncher patterns and they are also frequently used for legs and tails on flies too. The larger feathers on these capes will also suit salmon flies that you want to incorporate more movement into instead of using stiffer cock hackles.

Due to the higher quality, these hen capes are filled with premium feathers with almost the same length of barbs throughout and are packed full of usable feathers. This neck is approximately 21cm in length.


- Super value genetic hen neck capes
- 4B - bigger, better, bargain, birds
- Ideally suited for wet trout fly tying
- Approx 20-30cm in length
- Packed full of usable feathers

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