Stroft Color Monofilament Line Fluo Yellow 100m

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Size: 0.18 mm, 3.5X
In Stock (>5 pcs) | SKU-5A5CDBF8
Size: 0.20 mm - 3X
In Stock (>5 pcs) | SKU-D6CCCB0D
Size: 0.22 mm - 2X
In Stock (>5 pcs) | SKU-C44EC4E4
Size: 0.25 mm - 1X
In Stock (>5 pcs) | SKU-2E388F9B
Size: 0.30 mm - 0X
In Stock (>5 pcs) | SKU-A08CC857

Product detailed description

Stroft Color Monofilament Line Fluo Yellow 100m. A fluo yellow colored premium monofilament. Ideal for euronymphing, UL spin fishing, winter / ice fishing, ie. all types of fishing where a highly visible, soft and supple line with yet the highest possible tensile strengths is required.

STROFT color is manufactured using exactly the same process as the STROFT GTM and also undergoes the entire process of finishing and tuning. The difference lies solely in the base material. In order to produce highly visible and high-contrast colored cords, STROFT color uses a polyamide alloy with relatively high dye contents. Naturally, the increased dye content slightly reduces the tensile strength values. Therefore, the colored polyamide alloy must in each case be such that the subsequent tuning permits optimization of softness and suppleness as well as realization of the highest possible tensile strengths. STROFT color cords have achieved this outstandingly well. Compared to other, similarly strongly colored lines, STROFT color has the highest load-bearing capacity values and is above average soft. Thus, this line is used especially when fishing type or waters require a highly visible and relatively soft fishing line and one is not willing to accept greater sacrifices in carrying capacity and knot strength. 100 meters per spool.

Size chart:

- 0.14 mm - 2.0 kg
- 0.16 mm - 2.5 kg
- 0.18 mm - 3.1 kg
- 0.20 mm - 3.9 kg
- 0.25 mm - 5.7 kg
- 0.30 mm - 7.7 kg

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