FLY SHOP Europe is a family run business based in Slovakia. Our journey in fly fishing world started years ago and our passion for this sport still lasts. Our goal is to share the passion for fly fishing and fly tying in Europe and beyond. We wish you an enjoyable shopping experience and tight lines!

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  • Olive Jig Nymph - Coffee Special, olive jig nymph

    Olive Jig Nymph - Coffee Special

    FS Europe

    Olive Jig Nymph - Coffee Special. Olive Jig Nymph variant tied on a barbless jig hook. Great fly for brown trout and grayling. Coffee tungsten bead in combination with fine copper wire and...
  • Partridge Orange Tag Wet

    Partridge Orange Tag Wet

    FS Europe

    Partridge Orange Tag Wet. Classic wet fly pattern with modern features, hare dubbing for the body, ribbed with special copper strong tinsel. Hackle made or irreplaceable partridge feather. Works...
  • Emergency Sedge dry fly caddis pattern

    Emergency Sedge

    FS Europe

    Emergency Sedge. Searching caddis dry pattern. Special version of CDC sedge with peacock body and fluo orange trigger. Great year round dry fly not only for trout.