FLY SHOP Europe is a family run business based in Slovakia, Central Europe. Fly tying & fly fishing is our greatest passion. On this website you will find our fishing flies, premium fly tying materials, fly fishing gear & much more. We wish you an enjoyable shopping experience!

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  • Baby Pink Bicolour Blob

    Baby Pink Bicolour Blob

    FS Europe

    Baby Pink Bicolour Blob. Blob is a have pattern for stillwater and river fly fishing, especially early in the season. Made on strong wet fly hook, secured with nano silk and varnish. On our blobs we...
  • JMC Barred Micro Silicone Legs

    JMC Barred Micro Silicone Legs


    JMC Barred Micro Silicone Legs. Very popular synthetic material for legs on poppers, hoppers, streamers and various other fly patterns, which gives an extra movement to your flies. Very...
  • JMC Latex Sheets

    JMC Latex Sheets


    JMC Latex Sheets. Streches, cuts, wraps and can be coloured with pantone pens. Perfect for nymph bodies, gammarus backs and back covers. Available in various colours.
  • JMC Combibox Magnetic Velcro Fly Box

    JMC Combibox Magnetic Velcro Fly Box


    JMC Combibox Magnetic Velcro Fly Box. Fly catcher box, made of a silicone patch with a capacity of 77 flies on the back and a magnetic plate on the front with Velcro fastening system.