FLY SHOP Europe is a family run business based in Slovakia. Our journey in fly fishing world started years ago and our passion for this sport still lasts. Our goal is to share the passion for fly fishing and fly tying in Europe and beyond. We wish you an enjoyable shopping experience and tight lines!

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  • Sybai Jungle Cock Substitute 10mm

    Sybai Jungle Cock Substitute 10mm

    Sybai Tackle

    Sybai Jungle Cock Substitute 10mm. These synthetic jungle cock feathers are printed onto thin plastic sheet with a slightly tacky back which makes mounting the ’feather’ a doddle. Very...
  • Sybai Stainless Steel Wire

    Sybai Stainless Steel Wire

    Sybai Tackle

    Sybai Stainless Steel Wire. Stainless Steel Wire is made of stainless steel and can be used as a body ribbing to substitute to lead when adding extra weight on the hook. Also suitable for...
  • Sybai Strong Pearl Quill Ribbing

    Sybai Strong Pearl Quill Ribbing

    Sybai Tackle

    Sybai Strong Pearl Quill Ribbing. Strong Quill is most durable, thin round tinsel with subtle pearl or UV effect that is great for creating flashy ribbing or for the body on small flashy nymphs...
  • Golden Olive Micro Nymph

    Golden Olive Micro Nymph

    FS Europe

    Golden Olive Micro Nymph. Micro jig nymph variant perfect for grayling (tied on standard hooks with a slotted jig tungsten bead). Great fly for grayling but trout will not refuse either...