FLY SHOP Europe is a family run business based in Slovakia, Central Europe. Fly tying & fly fishing is our greatest passion. On this website you will find our fishing flies, premium fly tying materials, fly fishing gear & much more. We wish you an enjoyable shopping experience!

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  • Peacock Partridge Caddis Nymph

    Peacock Partridge Caddis Nymph

    FS Europe

    Peacock Partridge Caddis Nymph. Peacock body, sparse partridge hackle collar and little chartreuse tip make this fly very productive, must have pattern in your fly box. Searching pattern,...
  • FS Europe Premium Pheasant Tail - Tan, chvost z bažanta bežový

    FS Europe Premium Pheasant Tail - Tan

    FS Europe

    FS Europe Premium Pheasant Tail - Tan. Used for herl bodies, wing cases, tails etc. These feathers have endless uses. The classic feather used for tying pheasant tail nymphs but also great in general...
  • Loon UV Plasma Light_fly shop europe_UV svetlo Loon Outdoors

    Loon UV Plasma Light

    Loon Outdoors

    Loon UV Plasma Light. The ultimate UV-curing light. Designed to provide a faster, stronger, more tack-free cure on all of Loon’s UV resins, the UV Plasma Light is for tyers who demand the best...
  • Predator Tandem Streamer Black, pstruhový strímer

    Predator Tandem Streamer Black BARBED

    FS Europe

    Predator Tandem Streamer Black. Great streamer for big brown trout, rainbow trout, steelhead, bass or other predatory fish you are after. Available in size 5/0, approx. 17-18 cm long. Tied