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Bicolour Indicator Tippet Material 30m

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Bicolour Indicator Tippet Material 30m. Indicator line made of two bright, visible colours, fluorescent red and yellow, allowing anglers to see easily when fish strikes without requiring the use of a traditional indicator. Just tie it between your leader and tippet material for ultra-sensitive strike detection, or build up a complete hi-visible nymphing leader. Ideal for European and French nymphing leaders.

Main features:

- combination of fluorescent red and yellow, 50 cm sections
- total length of 30 m / spool


- 0.18 mm, 3.3 kg strength
- 0.21 mm, 4.6 kg strength
- 0.24 mm, 5.8 kg strength
- 0.30 mm, 7.0 kg strength

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