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Flashback Micro Baetis Nymph

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Flashback Micro Baetis Nymph. Unweighted natural looking micro nymph representing several nymph larvae living in the river. Grayling loves these. Trout will not refuse either. Flashback cover is a great attractor. 

Baetis fly nymphs are the immature stage of mayflies belonging to the Baetidae family. These small aquatic insects can be found in freshwater environments such as streams, rivers, and lakes. Baetis nymphs are an important food source for many fish species, making them a popular choice for fly fishing. Baetis nymphs are typically slender and streamlined, with flattened bodies that allow them to move easily through the water. They have six legs, which are often adorned with tiny hairs and spines that help them cling to rocks and other surfaces. Baetis nymphs also have three tails, or "tails," which they use for propulsion.

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