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FS Europe Catgut Bio Thread - Medium

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FS Europe Catgut Bio Thread - Medium. Catgut is a natural material it is prepared from the natural fibre in the wall of the intestines of sheep and goats then they are twisting to the ribbons and joining them in wet condition plus giving the monofilament finish. In its dry state, it is a dry, stiff quite springy cord.

The natural colour is a dirty cream with the odd glassy clear patch. When well soaked in water its physical/structural state changes dramatically. It swells noticeably and goes ultra-limp and the entire cord takes on a milky translucence. 

Soak it the water for 3-4 minutes before tying. Available in various colours. Approx. 50 cm in package. Medium size is ideal for nymphs size 10 and smaller.

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