Hends Deer Hair Patch 5x5cm

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  • Hends Deer Hair Patch 5x5cm
  • Hends Deer Hair Patch 5x5cm


Hends Deer Hair Patch 5x5cm. Deer hair belongs on every fly tying table. Many dry flies are tied with this irreplaceable, well-floating material. Many flies such as the famous „CDC Deer Hair Caddis“ wouldn’t exist without it. Further, deer hair is absolutely essential to tie muddler type streamers. Hends Deer Hair is known for its outstanding quality: a dense, intact fur with least underfur. But, not only the quality is very convincing. 

Whether you want to create the wings of a caddis, the head of a muddler or what ever comes into your mind, Hends Deer Hair is your best choice. 


  • patch in size of approx. 5 x 5 cm
  • hair length of approx. 3,5 cm
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