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Microdry Series - Black Midge

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Microdry Series - Black Midge. Special micro dry fly patterns in natural insect colours, with genetic dry fly hackle on top. Works great on wary grayling and trout.

Baetis is a genus of small aquatic insects in the order Ephemeroptera, commonly known as the "blue-winged olive." Baetis nymphs are an important food source for fish, and Baetis mayflies are well-known to fly fishermen as one of the most important hatches in many streams and rivers around the world. The nymphs of Baetis species are typically found in slow to moderately fast-moving water, and they feed on algae and other small aquatic plants. When they are fully grown, they emerge from the water as winged adults, which fly to nearby vegetation to mate and lay eggs before dying. Baetis mayflies are often used as a model organism in aquatic ecology research because they are relatively easy to study and are an important part of many freshwater ecosystems.

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