Stroft FC1 Fluorocarbon Tippet 25m

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Stroft FC1 Fluorocarbon Tippet 25m. The STROFT FC 1 has probably the highest breaking strengths ever achieved with 100% fluorocarbon lines. Special attention is paid to the tuning of the knot braking strength, which is individually trimmed to best values for each diameter. Due to this very important feature and the other advantageous properties of STROFT Fluorocarbon, such as abrasion resistance, sinking characteristics, fine load elongation, lift elongation, casting performance, fly leader tip, durability and visibility/invisibility, STROFT FC 1 is ideal for all types of leaders. Speaking of characteristics - a main difference between lines made of fluorocarbon and lines made of polyamide, which is often controversially discussed in the magazines, is the elongation, or rather the elongation behaviour at different line loads (see picture/diagram elongation characteristics). For example, the blue curve of the polyamide materials of GTM and ABR shows a wavy characteristic, while the black dashed characteristic of FC 1 and FC 2 is a straight line that intersects the blue curve at approx. 50% cord load. This means: In the high load range, FC 1 and FC 2 have a higher elongation than GTM and ABR, in the take-off range the elongation of the lines is quite similar, in the fine load range the elongation of FC 1 and FC 2 is lower, i.e. one has a better sensitivity, feedback, bite perception. All characteristics that the user can clearly feel in practice. So if these fine load characteristics are desired, FC 1 and FC 2 are also the first choice as main line. However, due to the high price of FC1, we recommend to choose FC 2 as main line and FC 1 as leader material. This is cheaper and serves the same purpose.


  • 0,100mm - 1.2kg
  • 0,120mm - 1.5kg
  • 0,140mm - 1.9kg
  • 0,160mm - 2.5kg
  • 0,180mm - 2.9kg
  • 0,200mm - 3.6kg
  • 0,220mm - 4.1kg
  • 0,240mm - 5.2kg
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