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TroutHunter EVO Nylon Tippet 50m

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TroutHunter EVO Nylon Tippet 50m. TroutHunters new EVO Tippet material is new new industry standard, when it comes to dry fly- and topwater fishing. The combination of great unsurpassed buonancy and durability on the one hand and supreme knot and breaking strength on the other, makes this tippet material truly ground-breaking!


  • 100% natural non-toxic coating - highly biodegradeable
  • 8-10% higher breaking strength than regular TroutHunter nylon, both tensile and knot strength
  • Better abrasion resistance
  • Floats better and higher than any other nylon. Regular nylon will sink after 2 hours. EVO tippet still floats after 2 weeks!
  • The tippet has a superb and very supple feel to it
  • Less prone to develop memory and curls
  • Improved molecular stability


- 0.0X (0,285 mm)
- 1.0X (0,260 mm)
- 2.0X (0,235 mm)
- 3.0X (0,205 mm)
- 4.0X 
(0,185 mm)
- 4.5X (0,165 mm)
- 5.0X (0,148 mm)
- 5.5X (0,138 mm)
- 6.0X (0,128 
- 6.5X (0,117 mm)
- 7.0X (0,104 mm)
- 8.0X (0,090 mm)

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