FLY SHOP Europe is a family run business based in Slovakia, Central Europe. Fly tying & fly fishing is our greatest passion. On this website you will find our fishing flies, premium fly tying materials, fly fishing gear & much more. We wish you an enjoyable shopping experience!

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  • Indicator Wax - Hot Orange

    JMC Indicator Wax - Hot Orange


    JMC Indicator Wax - Hot Orange. Great colour Wax / grease to put on leader or braided indicator. Exceptional visibility, much better compared to bi-colour / tri-colour leaders.
  • JMC Neoprene Wading Knee Guards

    JMC Neoprene Wading Knee Guards


    JMC Neoprene Knee Guards. Protect your knees with these neoprene knee pads - suitable for all types of fishing. Padding in knee for protection & comfort. Ergonomically designed for...
  • Hends CDC Dubbing

    Hends CDC Dubbing (0.5g/package)


    Hends CDC Dubbing. Dubbing made of soft CDC feathers. These unique feathers, taken from the base of a duck's rump near the "preen" have a natural waterproofing that makes them float...