FLY SHOP Europe is a family run business based in Slovakia, Central Europe. On our website you will find the finest fishing flies, fly tying materials, fly fishing & spin fishing gear. We ship to customers worldwide. Thank you for your visit, enjoy shopping!

Your FS Europe Team

  • Primal Zone Fly Rod, euronymphing fly rod

    Primal Zone Fly Rod


    Primal Zone Fly Rod. We don’t care how seriously you take yourself, you may be an elite comp angler or a casual cat, we’ve created a collection of super dialled euro sticks that are super...
  • FlyLab Exo Fly Reel

    FlyLab Exo Fly Reel

    Fly Lab

    $104.57 - $146.43
    FlyLab Exo Fly Reel. If reliability is your middle name then this may be the reel for you. Well priced, super sweet design and ever dependable, the FlyLab Exo reel has become a staple friend for...
  • FlyLab Focus Fly Reel - AFTM 0-5, euronymphing fly reel

    FlyLab Focus Fly Reel - AFTM 0-5

    Fly Lab

    FlyLab Focus Fly Reel - AFTM 0-5. The FlyLab Focus is a custom european nymphing reel designed to balance longer rods, not catch a euro line in the frame and spin freely for fast retrieves - all...
  • FlyLab Glide Fly Reel

    FlyLab Glide Fly Reel

    Fly Lab

    $209.24 - $272.04
    FlyLab Glide Fly Reel. The FlyLab Glide reels are at home in a saltwater environment or tiny spring creek, and synonymous with the Fly Lab collection as they punch well above their weight while...

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