Slim Scud Tungsten Body


FS Europe Slim Scud Tungsten Body is a unique product introduced in 2023. It is a great way to increase the weight of the gammarus / scud flies and at the same time achieve a nice slim realistic profile of the fly. In comparison with the lead scud bodies it is approx. 1.7x denser / heavier and non-toxic. The body is only 1.1 - 1.2 mm thick and weights as much as 3.5 mm tungsten bead (approx. 0.33 grams).


- made of high density 98% tungsten
- grooves on the arc and bottom for easier application
- slim (approx. 1.1-1.2 mm thick)
- realistic shape
- non-toxic
- 10 pcs per package

Sizes available:

- S: 0.23 grams / 1.1 mm thick / 7 mm in length / approx. weight of a 3 mm tungsten slotted bead
- M: 0.33 grams / 1.2 mm thick / 8 mm in length / approx. weight of a 3.5 mm tungsten slotted bead 

Recommended hooks:

- straight shank, we use Kype K200BL but there are many hooks with similar proportions
- size S is optimal for hooks size 16-18, size M on hook 14-16 

We use it as follows:

1) attach the thread to a hook shank (flat laying thread such as UTC 70 is great)
2) add a drop of superglue on the hook shank
3) place the slim scud tungsten body on top
4) secure with the thread (you can add a little bit of superglue on the arc as well, it will help to hold it in place)

Please find below a few examples.